About Us

For nearly 60 years, Mazzer has been the industry name in coffee grinding equipment. Based in Venice, Italy, Mazzer distributes its products to over 70 countries world-wide and has built its name on the quality and safety of its products.

Quality you can trust

Nearly all cafes in New Zealand use Mazzer and rely daily on the robustness and quality of the brand. As consumers become more and more aware of the importance of a quality grinder to their espresso set up, Mazzer continues to grow in both the world and New Zealand markets.

We are authorized Mazzer agents.

Espresso Engineers, New Zealand's largest coffee technician company, supplies Mazzer grinders to customers around the country.

If you would like to find a Mazzer distributor near you, take a look at the list of Mazzer Distributors.

Alertnatively, for more information about Mazzer or Espresso Engineers, you can contact us directly.